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Week of August 17th: Practices from 8am-10am

Week of August 24th: Practices from 7am-9am

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Head Coach: Kellie Redmond



Athlete of the Week 

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Week 9 - Nicole Parent and Ellie Helgeson
Week 8 - David Weiss, Jennifer Li, and Rachel Hoerner
Week 7 - Grace Mika and Eric Carlson
Week 6 - Anna Baldwin and Teddy Keenan
Week 5 - Peyton Eppard and Melanie Tommer
Week 4 - Kyle Wasserman and Cate Ledoux
Week 3 - Jared Boyd, James Mina, and Emma Helgeson
Week 2 - Giselle Guillen and Amanda Henmueller
Week 1 - Rebecca Vascpnez and Tyler Sauvajot


XC Meet Summary:


State Meet - Saturday, November 9 2019 (Author Emma Helgeson)

On Saturday, November 9th, the Wootton cross-country team participated in their last meet of the season: the Maryland State Meet. This meet took place at Hereford High School, over an hour’s drive away from Wootton. Since Hereford had also hosted the Bull Run Invitational in September, this was the team’s second time this season facing the tough course, which is well known for the amount of hills athletes must endure. Despite the travel time and bitter cold, many Wootton families, staff, and students attended the meet to cheer the Patriots on in their final race.. The Wootton “cheer squad” spread across the course, especially the more secluded areas, encouraging runners during the most difficult parts of the race. 

Wootton wrapped up the season with an admirable performance from both the girls’ and boys’ teams. For the girls, seniors Anna Baldwin, Alyssa D’Arpa, Victoria Shumakovich, and Jessica Penry, junior Emma Helgeson, and freshmen Rebecca Vasconez and Julianne Yao all competed. On the boys’ side, seniors Scott Sritharan and Joe DeJong, juniors Teddy Keenan and David Weiss, sophomores Jason Wang and Armaan Salchack, and freshman Tyler Sauvajot represented Wootton. Overall, the girls scored 190 points, taking 7th place, and the boys scored 383 points, taking 15th place. Rebecca Vasconez even won a medal, finishing 18th individually. In their most competitive meet yet, with a wide field of very talented runners, Wootton had a strong showing, displaying their fortitude and toughness- a great way to end the season. 

Regional Meet - Thursday, October 31 2019

In their first postseason meet, the Patriots returned to High Point Farm for regionals on October 31st. Unlike previous meets, only the top 7 runners for each gender had the opportunity to race. While the location was the same as the Coyote Run three weeks ago, the course was slightly altered. The previous rainy night made for a slippery race in the grassy terrain; there was even a tornado warning in place, threatening to cancel the meet and Halloween festivities. All in all, athletes showed mental toughness and grit, pushing through the less than ideal conditions of the day. 

Thirteen teams competed for the coveted top seven places, which guaranteed team qualification for the state meet. The top 25 finishers in each race were also guaranteed a spot in the state meet, regardless of their team placing. Both the girls and boys teams finished fourth overall, which were great placings in such a competitive region. The girls were led by freshman Rebecca Vasconez (6th overall), senior Anna Baldwin (8th), and senior Victoria Shumakovich (22nd), and scored 94 points as a group. On the boys’ side, senior Scott Sritharan (21st), senior Joe DeJong (24th), and sophomore Jason Wang (26th) led the boys to a successful race, scoring 142 points total. As a result of their solid performance, the Patriots will be going on to compete at the state meet next weekend.



County Meet - Saturday, October 19, 2019 (Author Emma Helgeson)

Saturday, October 19th, Wootton cross country had their last meet as a full team at counties at Bohrer Park, located next to Gaithersburg High School. The county meet almost always promises great racing conditions, with ideal temperatures and a flat course. Saturday was no different. The course consists of three loops, making it easy for spectators to watch and runners to stay focused. 

There were 6 races total over the day- junior/senior girls (1st place overall), junior/senior boys (1st place), varsity girls (3rd place), varsity boys (9th place), freshman/sophomore boys (10th place), and freshman/sophomore girls (2nd place). Traditionally, Wootton athletes have especially dominated the junior/senior and freshman/sophomore races due to the depth of the team. In the junior/senior races, senior Nicole Parent (1st) as well as juniors Jared Boyd (8th) and Austin Zhu (9th) led the way for two Wootton victories. In the varsity races, freshman Rebecca Vasconez (who placed 8th, making her the fastest freshman in all of Montgomery County) and senior Joe DeJong (40th) were the top finishers for Wootton. For the freshman/sophomore races, freshmen Maya Gottesman (3rd) and Grant Henneburger (10th) led their respective races.

The team as a whole performed extremely well, with over 90 lifetime personal records set by the Wootton team. Many athletes were able to drop time from their previous records, such as junior Ellie Helgeson, who took two and a half minutes off her time to place 5th in the junior/senior girls’ race. Freshman Sophia Fritsch, junior Sloane Field, and senior Janice Lee all dropped over two minutes from their previous records as well. Freshman Andy Fobes, freshman Ethan Berman, freshman John Cheung, and senior Amelia Lieske all took off about three minutes from their previous records, and freshman Katie Bowman, sophomore Joshua Freedman, and senior Lauren Colliver took off an impressive three and a half minutes from their personal records too. With the level of competition and grit displayed, it was a great way to wrap up the season for most of the team, and also a sign of encouragement for those going on to compete at regionals and states.

Coyote Invitational - Thursday, October 10, 2019 (Author Emma Helgeson)

On Thursday, October 10th, the Patriots attended Coyote Invitational, located at High Point Farm and hosted by Clarksburg. The course began with a few long loops around fields, then a hilly second mile in the woods before the same few loops on the way back. The finish ended on an uphill, an interesting change that required focus to the very end of the race. The majority of the course had solid footing and mostly flat grounds, perfect for cross-country spikes. With slightly lower temperatures than previous meets, the conditions promised a great race. 

The Patriots had an extremely successful day, sweeping all four races! The varsity girls were led by seniors Anna Baldwin and Victoria Shumakovich, and the varsity boys were led by senior Scott Sritharan, senior Joe DeJong, and sophomore Jason Wang. In a “wave of red,” the junior varsity girls took all top 22 places, led by junior Jennifer Li and freshman Maya Gottesman. Junior David Weiss and senior Kyle Wasserman led the junior varsity boys to a strong win. Overall, the day was a confidence booster and a great way to head into the championship season.

Varsity Girls (Wootton):
Varsity Girls (long):
Varsity Boys (Wootton):
Varsity Boys (long):
We had 45+ PR's on Thursday - we are continuing to move forward and have our best races yet in the championship part of the season.

BCC & Sherwood Meet - Wednesday, October 2, 2019 (Author Emma Helgeson)

DCXC Meet - Saturday, September 28, 2019 (Author:  Emma Helgeson)

Saturday, September 28th, the Wootton cross country team attended DCXC, a meet located in Kenilworth Park, in Washington, DC. This meet has been a staple of the cross country season for years, attracting teams from all over the state. This year, 47 teams attended the varsity races alone, with over 3,000 athletes competing over the course of the day. The atmosphere prompts excitement- there’s upbeat music playing, a DJ/announcer, and crowds of people everywhere. Consisting of two simple loops on practically flat ground, the course encourages athletes to set personal bests. Even for those who aren’t racing, this meet is by far the most exciting to spectate. With a nearly perfect course, high level of competition, and lively ambiance, DCXC was bound to be a great day for the team. 

Since DCXC is such a large meet, it is divided into 8 different races by class and gender- freshman girls, freshman boys, sophomore girls, sophomore boys, junior girls, junior boys, senior girls, and senior boys. Every athlete who earns top 25 in their respective races receives a medal, an impressive achievement for such a competitive meet. For Wootton, there were 12 athletes who finished in the top 25. The freshmen started the day off strong with four top finishers, Rebecca Vasconez (3rd), Julianne Yao (10th), Maya Gottesman (23rd), and Tyler Sauvajot (5th). For the sophomores, Armaan Salchack (15th) and Jason Wang (17th) led the way. In the junior races, Cate Ledoux (23rd), Jennifer Li (24th), and Teddy Keenan (17th) all contributed to Wootton’s building success. In their last DCXC meet, seniors Anna Baldwin (11th), Victoria Shumakovich (20th), and Alyssa D’Arpa (23rd) ended the day with a strong showing. In the end, the Wootton girls took 2nd overall, with over 35 personal records from the team. Having competing against many of the teams they would encounter at counties, regionals, and states, Wootton’s exceptional performance at this meet sets the stage for a promising rest of the season.


Race Video:


Whitman & Walter Johnson Meet - September 25, 2019 (Author:  Emma Helgeson)

On Wednesday, September 30th, the Patriots continued their season with a mid-week meet at Whitman High School, facing Whitman and Walter Johnson. The course consisted of three large loops, beginning on the track, looping around fields and forests, and running down steep hills. The wooded areas required intense concentration, as there were tree roots, unsteady footing, and even a giant log to jump over; similarly, the steep downhill was a particularly difficult spot, where it was easy to lose control. Across softball and soccer fields, athletes kicked up sand, creating a heavy cloud of dust in the air. On yet another hot, humid day, Wootton cross country demonstrated their ability to adapt to any circumstances. 


Having just competed at Bull Run and with DCXC just around the corner, many of the Wootton athletes took a step back to recover and prepare for Saturday’s race. However, there were many electrifying finishes- namely freshman Gabriella Wright and junior Natalie Eisen on the girls’ side, and junior Nick Caesar and senior Shawn Bryan on the boys’ side. These athletes all raced for the finish, passing their rivals on the final stretch despite their exhaustion. Among other notable races were those of senior Omar Hafeez and sophomore Surya Udayshankar, who scored top ten for Wootton, and that of freshman Sophia Fritsch, who stepped up, taking eleventh for Wootton. While the conditions and timing of this day’s race were not ideal, individual athletes had strong breakout races, showing the true depth of the team.


Bull Run - September 21, 2019 (Author:  Emma Helgeson) 

On Saturday, September 21st, the Wootton cross country team took on the Bull Run Invitational at Hereford High School, located in Baltimore County. Bull Run is an infamously difficult course known as the “toughest 3 miles in the state,” and is even one of the most challenging courses in the nation. The course begins with a bottleneck and multiple hairpin turns- it’s easy to get stuck behind other runners. The middle of the course is home to a steep ravine that is challenging both to climb and descend. To add to the scale of difficulty, it was an extremely hot day, with temperatures well over 90 degrees for the later races. As a whole, the course demands mental toughness and physical grit. 

Despite these conditions, Wootton had incredible success. In the large school division, the varsity girls won 1st out of 21 teams, the varsity boys took 3rd out of 23 teams, junior varsity girls took 3rd out of 22 teams, and the junior varsity boys took 6th out of 35 teams. The top finishers in each race for Wootton were Anna Baldwin (varsity girls, 11th overall), Joe DeJong (varsity boys, 19th overall), James Mina (JV boys, 18th overall), and Nicole Parent (JV girls, 5th overall). Amazing teamwork was displayed by Wootton athletes, who ran in packs, encouraged their teammates, and cheered each other on throughout the day.
























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