Cross Country Athlete of the Week

Athletes of the Week – 10/23/16

Our AOW for week ending October 23 are a few runners who had breakout races at the County Meet.  Freshman Orly Strauss, sophomore Lucia Splittgerber, and junior Matthew Klein all earned the honor this week.  Orly and Lucia, both new to our team this year, have been improving all year but at the County Meet they both really showed how hard they have worked this season.  Orly set a personal best by about a minute and competed extremely hard to earn an 8th place finish overall in the girls 9th/10th grade race.  Lucia also dropped a big chunk of time, besting her PR by well over 1:30.  An excellent race and an exciting future for both Orly and Lucia.  Matthew had a similar experience in the boys 11th/12th.  Matthew has been working so hard in practice and the coaches had noticed a big jump in his intensity and focus. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise when we saw him get out fast and race hard, fighting for positions the entire time.  Matthew ended up finishing 7th overall and set a new lifetime PR at the County meet, a course that he has improved upon immensely each of his 3 years.  Great job to Matthew, Orly, Lucia and all the Wootton athletes, it was a great day at Counties!

OrlyLuciaMatthew Klein

Athletes of the Week – 10/16/16

We only have one more week of AOW after this one and honestly we could have chosen just about everyone this time around.  We had a quality week of training and finished with a two-mile time trial on Friday, the same two miles we raced against BCC at our scrimmage in August.  As you can imagine we had big time drops from almost everyone; it was a really good showing and a big confidence boost going into Counties.  We do want to highlight two athletes though that really showed huge improvements, sophomore Julien Bastin and freshman Amelia Lieske.  Both of these runners have been showing great progress as of late but it was this last time trial that really made us turn our head.  Julien finished the August time trial in 40th place on the Wootton team and in a time of 14:53.  This time around he moved up to 15th place on the team and took 2:49 off his time to run 12:04! Ameila made a huge progress as well dropping a whopping 4:05 off her time (that’s 2 minutes a mile!) to run 18:01 from a 22:06 back in August. Great job both of you and keep up the hard work, it looks like the County Meet will be seeing some major PR’s!

 Amelia  Julien

Athlete of the Week – 10/9/16

The athlete of the week for week ending October 9th is sophomore Dimagi Kottage.  Dimagi came into the season fit and ready to go and has been having stronger and stronger practices each week.  Because of these great practices both her confidence and her racing strategy have improved.  It has been so fun to watch this growth. A great example was this weekend at a very wet and slippery Glory Days invitational she had a huge race, showing off her confidence and racing mojo.  Dimagi went right to the front of the girls JV race and broke away with only a couple of other girls.  She stayed focused throughout the entire race actually taking the lead for a bit.  She never was intimidated and just keep pushing and fighting all the way to the finish, finishing 4th overall out of 250 kids.  We are really excited for Dimagi and expect to continue to see progress and know she will finish the season very strong!

Athletes of the Week – 10/2/16

The athletes of the week for week ending October 2nd are two senior girls.  Gwen Klein, a captain, and Valerie Hubert, a Senior Advisor, earned the honor this week.  Both of these girls are an integral part to our girls team and have contributed to our season all along, but after our home meet we can see how much they can really help this team.  Gwen stayed right upfront with the leaders and really pushed the third mile finishing very strong in 3rd place overall.  Valerie, coming off a huge breakout race at DCXC, followed that up with an excellent home meet, also staying up with the leaders and finishing fourth overall.  Both girls followed a pre-race game plan and closed the gaps we have seen amongst our varsity runners this year.  We are not surprised by their performance, since their practices have been going exceptionally well too, but are excited to see it transfer over to racing. Great job girls, you make the Wootton team proud!

Gwen  Valerie


Athletes of the Week – 9/25/16

The athletes of the week for week ending September 25 are two freshman, Alyssa D’Arpa and Benjamin Fritz.  Both of these freshman had huge break out races at the DCXC on Saturday and showed huge potential.  Alyssa had a huge race and took a big leap to make it into our top 10 girls, all the way up to our #6!  Although Ben didn’t quite make it into our top 10, he was our 11th fastest for the day and his time takes him to #3 on the Wootton freshman record board. Both excellent performances.  This is exciting for the Wootton team not just for this season but also for the future!  Ben and Alyssa, Keep up the great work!

Ben Fritz Alyssa

Athlete of the Week – 9/18/16


Wootton’s Cross Country Athlete of the week for week ending September 18th is freshman Anna Baldwin.  Although many had great races at our first all team meet on Wednesday, it was Anna that really stood out.  Anna is the first freshman this year to break her way into the top 10 on either the boys or the girls side.  This is quite impressive on a team like ours which is quite strong.  Anna has been showing us each week how she has been getting stronger and stronger and now she has put herself into the position of contributing to the varsity girls team.  It is awesome to have an impact freshman and we are excited to see what Anna can do.  Great job Anna, keep up the hard work!

Athletes of the Week – 9/11/16

JessicaT (2)     JohnR (2)

The athletes of the week for week ending September 11, are Sophomores Jessica Trzeciak and John Riker.  Both of these athletes put in some serious training time this summer and were totally prepared for the season.  Each workout and each week we could see that they were ready to compete and we were very excited to see how they would do in a race situation.  They did not disappoint.  John ran tough and very smart even on the hot day.  He set himself up perfectly in the race and continued to move up, finishing 4th overall out of 133 runners, leading our Wootton boys to a 2nd place finish.  Jessica also ran a very smart race, and toughed out the heat to earn a 6th place overall finish, leading our girls to a team win.  Really exciting for the Wootton team to have such talent in these young athletes. Congratulations John and Jessica, keep up the great work!

Athlete of the Week – 9/4/16


Our athlete of the week for week ending September 4 is sophomore Meehir Bhalla.  Meehir came into this season ready and prepared.  He was exceptionally dedicated with his summer running following the plan that was given to him and worked himself up to 40 miles a week.  We can see already how this is paying off.  It is impressive to see his workouts each week and how he is improving so rapidly.  It is obvious to the coaches that Meehir will have an impact on this boys’ team this year even as just a sophomore.  In fact, Meehir is one of just two sophomore boys chosen to compete at our first invitational meet.  We are excited to see what he does as the season moves along.  Great job, Meehir!

Athletes of the Week – 08/21/16 and 08/28/16

DSC_4889  DSC_5078  DSC_4904
Our athletes of the week for weeks ending 8/21 and 8/28 are sophomores Sage Kumar and Joe Pohoryles and junior Emma Henderson.  All three of these athletes prepared exceptionally well for this season and made quite an impact in the early season scrimmage and time trial. All three athletes finished in the top 10 of either or both races and showed that they are ready to have their best season yet.  These performances for all three where quite a big jump from last cross country season and really caught the coaches attention.  Congratulations, and thank you for showing us what a strong sumer of training can do, we are proud of all of you.