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Girls Junior Varsity Lacrosse, Girls Varsity Lacrosse · Important Girls Lacrosse Tryout Information!!!

Girls Lacrosse Tryouts will begin Thursday 3/1 from 3:00 – 5:00 on the turf.

What you will need for tryouts:

ALL  paperwork completed and updated physical,  Stick, Goggles, Mouth Guard, Sneakers, Cleats/turf shoes, water bottle,  a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and ready to work hard!!! Please dress appropriate for weather conditions, we will be outside.

What players will be evaluated on during the tryout process.

Tryout Criteria

  •   Attitude:
    • Good work ethic
    • Shows effort and determination
      • Giving up versus pushing through and giving that last little bit
    • Positive at all times, on and off the field
      • Listens to directions, respects coaches, encouraging your teammates, staying on task
    • Leadership
      • Be a role model for other players
  • Skills
    • Performance on given assessments
    • Performance on fundamentals
      • Catching & Throwing
      • Right & Left hand
    • Ground Balls
    • One v One Play
    • Situational game play
      • Settled situations
      • Unsettled situations
    • Team Play
    • Offensive Skills
      • Passing & Catching
      • Motion on settled offense
      • Shooting
      • Driving
    • Defensive Skills
      • Body positioning
      • Communication
      • Field awareness
  • Fitness
    • Did you work out and put in the time during the offseason
    • Timed mile under 7 minutes
    • Put in max effort each day – not giving up in fitness testes
    • Speed, strength, and agility
  • Coachability
    • Listens to coaches
      • Takes what they are told well and goes back and makes the changes
    • Asks questions when needed
    • Stays engaged during demos and explanations