Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · Thomas S Wootton High School Varsity Football falls to Richard Montgomery High School 49-19

Friday, September 23, 2016

7:00 PM

Richard Montgomery High School

Thomas S Wootton High School

Game Recap

Wootton Patriots vs Richard Montgomery Rockets
By: Abigail Russ
The Wootton Patriots had a heart wrenching 49-19 loss to the Richard Montgomery Rockets, a rivalry that has existed for at least 15 years. The Patriots fought until the end when Grant Saylor found Noel Miller in the endzone with 47.3 seconds left in the 4th quarter. Throughout the game both teams repeatedly attempted and converted on fourth down. Four times the Patriots converted on 4th down and every time Saylor connected with Miller downfield to restart the downs.
Brothers Matt and Mike Amobi each had their share of good runs. Several times Mike Amobi returned the punt past the 20 yard line, and had a critical 58 yard run on 3rd and 4. Kicker Sanjay Krishnan helped Wootton’s defense by giving the Rockets awful field position. Unfortunately, the Patriots had trouble bouncing back after RM scored fast on their first possession. Soon enough Saylor found his rhythm staying calm and scrambling well under pressure instead of firing fast before the play could develop. Wide receiver Mike Pisarra had an amazing block that opened up Elijah Trent downfield for a touchdown, Wootton’s first points of the game. Trent had one other 39 yard touchdown that resulted after breaking multiple tackles and sprinting up the sideline.
Yellow flags were flying every which way on the field leaving coaches, players and fans in disbelief after the ball miraculously went from RM’s 12 yard line on first down to the 39 yard line on 2nd and 36 just as Wootton was about to score.
Defenders Dean Spitz, Jacob Rosenblatt, Joey Roach, and Nick Baldwin brought pressure to the Rockets quarterback Spencer Silverstein, but Baldwin was the one who eventually sacked him for a loss, forcing RM to punt. Although the Wootton defensive line played well, they had trouble keeping up with the Rockets tight end Zaire Mitchell-Paden whose presence was known when he was on the field.
Wootton will face Clarksburg next week in what they hope will snap their 2 game losing streak. Good luck Patriots!