Patriots News · Track Uniforms

All Wootton Track and Field athletes are required to buy their own uniform.  The same uniform is used for XC, indoor track, and outdoor track.  Those that purchased one in a previous season will not need to buy a new one since we are using the same uniform.  We purchase them through RnJ running store.  Below are the instructions as to how to order them, this window for ordering will open on February 26 and only be open until March 13, PLEASE order them ASAP. Once this is closed down you will not be able to order a uniform.


  1. go to
  2. Choose what you are purchasing and follow the instructions for ordering
  3. When checking out make sure you click on “team sales/ no shipping” so that you will not be charged for shipping

****The uniforms will NOT be shipped to your house – I will be picking them up after they have been printed with ‘Wootton’ and delivering to you at practice****

****If there is a reason you are unable to purchase one, please email me directly and we will work something out****